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Where does Big Data, The Cloud, Knowledge Work, the Social
Enterprise, and Business Process come together? One place ACM Live.

It's been a while since I've been this excited about one of our upcoming events.

Last year the virtual ACM Live event, delivered entirely via live web-based video - attracted over 650 attendees - more than twice what we were expecting!

ACM Live takes a deep look at the forces and players driving the development of an entirely new approach to dealing with the convergence of the most important challenges and opportunities facing your organization - Adaptive Case Management.

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) represents a radical new approach for managing knowledge work. Tools for knowledge work to date have focused exclusively on the process, that is, the sequence, timing, and flow of information. Tools for knowledge work in the future have to focus primarily on the work, that is, the tools, methods, connections, and judgment needed to act on the information.

ACM takes knowledge and process management to the next level by bringing together the tools that support knowledge work. The result is a comprehensive approach to way we build, deploy and use enterprise information management systems. It's as revolutionary for the way we work as the Internet was to the way we share and connect.

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The bottom line is that Adaptive Case Management is poised to become the next major trend for organizations struggling to survive and thrive in the Cloud.

At ACM Live you Learn about:

- The evolution of Adaptive Case Management, how it will change everything from the desktop to the very way you work
- How Big Data is creating one of the biggest and brightest opportunities for businesses
- Understanding "Behavioral Business Models," How you create them and why they are the hottest trend
- The Future of Mass Innovation, the next big trend in how companies will innovate around Customer Experience
- The Next CEO - the Chief Customer Experience Officer, And why they are critical to your organization's success
- What major players are doing to leverage the trend towards Mobility and Adaptive Case Management
- How to use Social Monitoring, Trend and Sentiment Analysis to create End-to-End Customer Experiences
- Using ACM in Government for Real-time Responsiveness
- Real-world examples of how the Cloud is changing our notions of risk, innovation, analytics, and knowledge work

And here is the best part. ACM Live is FREE to the first 300 attendees. Last year we more than doubled that attendance so please don't wait to reserve a seat now.

From the convenience of your office or home, ACM Live will provide more information, engaging insight, and content than most multi-day in-person events that require travel and time away.

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The First 300 registrations are FREE, so don't wait to reserve your seat.

The Knowledge Cloud is an upcoming eBook that will be available to all attendees of ACM Live.

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